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Awakened Earth is set in a post apocalyptic near future where spirit entities have reduced Humanity to small clustering groups. Struggling to survive in new and dangerous surroundings, mercenaries and hunters hire their services to combat legendary beasts that now roam the empty cities, adventurers quest for artefacts imbued with magic and wizards study over ancient texts, seeking to unlock their arcane secrets. The Old Gods have awoken from slumber and, day by day, nature reclaims the wilderness it once owned.

Awakened Earth (AE) is a game world setting intended for use with the ParaSpace Role Playing System (PSrps). This is (fundamentally) a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting that follows the journey of the player characters as they try to survive and re-build society. The story (and the game setting) begins next May 1st and starting characters are created as normal, modern day, citizens.

If you are to be a player within this setting it is advisable that, for now, you only read “Creating a Character” - the first chapter of this book. The GM, of course, should read the book in its entirety and reveal segments of information as the game goes on. Players should only read other parts of the book, when appropriate, as directed by the GM.

Although reference is made to other continents, the majority of information contained herein pertains to the British Isles. In addition, although the denizens of Awakened Earth are unlikely to remember or bother to alter their clocks, for ease of continuity, all reference to times within this supplement include adjustments made for daylight saving.

Section 1. Players Guide

Section 2. Revelations

Section 3. GM's Guide